1. Teaching & Learning

All students surpass their annual academic growth targets and graduate ready for success.

2. Workforce Focus

Proactively recruit, retain and engage talent that reflects and is responsive to our diverse community.

3. Community Engagement

Excel in how we serve all stakeholders and build relationships with families, community members, and businesses that promote positive outcomes for students. 

4. Facilities & Operations

Use District resources effectively and efficiently. Facilities and services meet the needs of our diverse and growing student population and community.

4. Facilities & Operations

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No Child Will Go Without Breakfast or Lunch

No student will be turned away from breakfast or lunch due to a lack of funds in their lunch account.

Increasing the Diversity and Nutrition in Menus

The School Nutrition Program is offering a more diverse menu from different cultural backgrounds.

Lunch and breakfast menus also include more healthy options, such as daily salad bars at all schools, so that students can incorporate more healthy fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet.

Meal Boxes During a Pandemic

We distributed meal boxes, which included seven days of both breakfast and lunch, to children 18 years of age and under in our community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety Investments in our Schools

We implemented Visitor Management Systems, the security system that accurately identifies individuals who come to our buildings, at all of our fourteen schools. Visitors have to present a valid government-issued ID as they enter the building.

Space Planning: Solved Space Issues for 15+ Years

The Secondary School Planning Committee was created to explore ideas about how to serve a growing enrollment and our community’s high expectations for student achievement and opportunity for all students. Through this space planning process, we solved space issues for 15+ years.

Energy Savings

We invested in geothermal heating and cooling in the five newest school buildings (soon to be six) when Sun Prairie West High School opens in the fall of 2022. This, coupled with equipment and operational upgrades at our existing buildings, allows us to continually use less energy overall than we did even 15 years ago, despite adding over 750,000 square feet since then.

Accessible furniture and playground equipment

The District has invested in furniture and equipment to reduce accessibility barriers for students and staff.

Added to Fund Balance Reducing Need to Shorten Borrow

We’ve added to our District’s fund balance in the past five years, reducing the need to short-term borrow, which reduces the amount of interest expense the District pays.

Continued Growth of our Athletic Teams and Clubs Offered

Sun Prairie High School offers over 65 clubs and 68 sports teams. Over 70% of our high school students are involved in clubs, and over 57% are involved in one or more sport.

Employee Compensation

We boosted employee compensation to be competitive with Dane County comparables.

Facility Updates at the Oldest Elementary Schools

The 2016 referendum included money for upgrades at the oldest elementary schools, which went toward new classroom furniture. Students were excited to have upgraded tables, chairs, stools, bookshelves, lockers, and more.

Fruit Bowl

Every school has a fruit bowl in the front office, making snacks available to any student who needs a snack during the school day.

Implementation of Infection Mitigation / Pandemic Response

The District examined and implemented best practices to mitigate infection during the COVID-19 public health emergency to keep students, staff, and families safe.

Implemented Strategic Budgeting

We implemented strategic budgeting to maximize our ability to meet students’ learning needs and increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Interest Savings

In the past 10 years, we saved $10,000,000 in interest costs due to the refinancing of outstanding bonds.

Investment in Technology During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic required a significant technology investment to ensure that technology access was not a barrier to student learning.

Referendum Project: Building Meadow View and Token Springs Elementary Schools

We celebrated the opening of Token Springs Elementary School and Meadow View Elementary School in the fall of 2018. The design of these schools was centered around Sun Prairie being a global community that supports diversity.

Referendum Project: Completion of the Bank of Sun Prairie Stadium at Ashley Field

We completed the renovation of the Bank of Sun Prairie Stadium at Ashley Field. The ADA-accessible stadium includes seating for over 4,000 people. 

School Branding

We invested in school branding. Each school now has its name and district logo at the front entrance.

Secure Entrances & Safety Upgrades

We were awarded two large safety grants from the Department of Justice in July and October of 2018. Between the two grants, the District received more than $750,000 in funds, allowing us to further our current efforts to increase safety and security throughout the District.