Six Years of Continuous Improvement

During the 2013-2014 school year, the Sun Prairie Area School District embarked on a new initiative, the development of a strategic plan. After more than 60 SWOT analysis meetings with different community stakeholders. The findings of the SWOT analysis found the district markedly behind in technology with no 1:1 computer initiative. The lack of a long-range facilities plan with or district-wide capital maintenance plan was putting the district’s facilities at risk. Overcrowding at almost every school in the district was disrupting student access and opportunity, and with no district Facebook page or a communication engagement plan, the community felt the district was not fulfilling its obligation to communicate and engage the community. Additional SWOT analysis results included concerns about the school lunch program, a lack of gifted and talented programming, concerns about the lack of curriculum revision and outdated materials, a poor performing compensation system, and lack of any plan for staff diversification and student equity.

After Community Conversation with more than 50 community members, the SPASD developed its first Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan was launched in the 2014-2015 school year. Over the last five years, Sun Prairie has worked through our strategic plan which was focused on four main pillars: Teaching & Learning, Workforce Focus, Community Engagement, and Facilities & Operations. Within each of these pillars, our District has achieved many goals to evolve and improve for our community and children we serve.

By working collaboratively and staying focused on our strategic plan and priorities, the future is bright for the SPASD.

1. Teaching & Learning

All students surpass their annual academic growth targets and graduate ready for success.

Teaching & Learning Initiatives: 
Excellence in Special Education
Maintained Class Sizes
Expansion of AVID

AVID is an elementary through postsecondary college readiness system designed to increase schoolwide learning and performances for students.

Curriculum Renewal Process

We use a process called Curriculum Renewal and Design Process to decide what materials to use to teach students. Our staff reviews curriculum and instructional materials on a six-year cycle to ensure that our students have an exceptional learning experience that is aligned to state and national standards.

1:1 Devices for Students

Our District provides every student in grades K-12 with either an iPad or Chromebook. 

Summer School

We offer one of the most robust summer school programs in the state of Wisconsin for students in grades 4K-5. 

3. Community Engagement

Excel in how we serve all stakeholders and build relationships with families, community members, and businesses that promote positive outcomes for students. 

Community Engagement Initiatives: 

Additional Community School Sites

We added three additional Community School Sites (Patrick Marsh Middle School, Northside Elementary & C.H. Bird Elementary). 

Awarded 21st Century Community Learning Center Grants
Enhanced Communication to Community
Implemented a School-Based Food Pantry and Clothing Closet at all 5 Sites
PLC Book Study and Speaker Series
School Branding
2. Workforce Focus

Proactively recruit, retain and engage talent that reflects and is responsive to our diverse community.

Workforce Focus Initiatives: 

Grow Your Own Program

Having excellent teachers for all students can be a challenge, so we have to grow our own with the great people already working in the Sun Prairie Area School District! 

Updates to Employee Handbook
Employee Wellness Clinic

The City of Sun Prairie and the Sun Prairie Area School District are collaborating with SSM Health at Work to provide new health care options for our employees and families with the opening of a new dedicated wellness clinic in Sun Prairie.

Professional Educators Compensation Plan

Now at or in some cases exceeding Dance County average

Compensation and Insurance Committees
Support Staff Compensation
4. Facilities & Operations

Use District resources effectively and efficiently. Facilities and services meet the needs of our diverse and growing student population and community.

Facilities & Operations Initiatives: ​​​​​​​

No Child Will Go Without Breakfast or Lunch
Ethnic-Themed Lunches
Meal Boxes During a Pandemic

We distributed meal boxes - which included 7 days of both breakfast and lunch - to children 18 years of age and under in our community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety Investments in our Schools
Space Planning: Solved Space Issues for 15+ Years
Energy Savings