2016 Referendum

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In 2014, the Board established a School Space Planning Committee to engage a broad and representative group of community residents in developing priorities and potential solutions for addressing significant district growth.  The School Space Planning Committee will provide advisory recommendations to the Board in June, 2016. 

The District believes that taxpayer feedback isn’t an event, but an important part of the entire process. From the very beginning, feedback from our taxpayers has been infused into the process. First, taxpayers were invited to participate on the School Space Planning Committee. This open invitation helped to gather more than sixty taxpayers to study the school district's options throughout the entire 2015-16 school calendar year. During this time, all taxpayers were again invited to attend valuable presentations, such as the presentation of the Facilities Assessment, the enrollment projections, and the review of survey results. This community-wide survey was sent out to more than 18,000 taxpayers of Sun Prairie Area Schools, and was one of the most significant efforts to acquire taxpayer feedback. Last, our administration and School Board Members have met with and have reached out to taxpayers in order to collect feedback from groups and individual taxpayers.

We are one of the fastest growing district in the state & our elementary schools are over-capacity and are predicted to grow to approximately 3.990 students by 2025.

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