Ollie's Stories

Ollie Berge was the Superintendent for the Sun Prairie Area School District from 1962 to 1975. During Ollie’s time as Superintendent, he helped transform several aspects of our school district, ranging from school construction all the way to homecoming. In the following video series, Ollie shares some of his memories as Superintendent with our current Superintendent, Brad Saron.

Supt. Saron and Ollie Berge

Here, Ollie shares his background and how he came to be Superintendent of Sun Prairie back in 1962. Additionally, within this video, Ollie describes how he reinstated Sun Prairie Homecoming.

In this video Ollie shares his story of the development of the “new high school”, which is now Cardinal Heights. Here he goes over how some of the school features were decided and the challenges he faced along the way. 

In this video Ollie explains how the construction of residential area, Capehart, which is now Vandenberg Heights, affected the Sun Prairie School District. He also explains how the Federal  Government was involved with the development of C.H. Bird Elementary School. 

In this video Ollie explains the addition and design,  of Eastside and Westside Elementary schools to Sun Prairie, This story is interesting in that it talks about the transition of kids to the newer schools and the challenges the District faced during that time.

In this video Ollie explains how Royal Oaks Elementary School originated. He talks about how they found the property and the innovation desired in the design. He also talks about the challenges in implementing crossing guards and transportation.