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Tune into Homeroomthe Sun Prairie Area School District's radio program on 103.5 The Sun. Superintendent Brad Saron will give an update and bring along a special guest to introduce to you. This program is a great way to stay connected to the School District. Homeroom is hosted by Sun Prairie Resident, Todd Milewski and is brought to you in partnership with the Sun Prairie Media Center.

Homeroom airs on Wednesdays at 10:30 am and Sundays at 5:30 pm on 103.5 The Sun. If you are not able to catch the show on air, you can click the dates below or visit any of the following listening platforms:

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Special Video Series: Ollie's Stories


Ollie Berge was the Superintendent for the Sun Prairie Area School District from 1962 to 1975. During Ollie’s time as Superintendent, he helped transform several aspects of our school district, ranging from school construction all the way to homecoming. In the following video series, Ollie shares some of his memories as Superintendent with our current Superintendent, Brad Saron. 


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Recently Featured Radio Shows:

May 29, 2024: Lexi Vanden Heuvel, Math Coordinator

May 1, 2024: Elizabeth Knudten, 4K Program Manager

March 13, 2024: Pete Woreck, Director of Faclities and Grounds

February 28, 2024: Pang Khang, Principal of C. H. Bird Elementary

February 1, 2024: Rebecca Penticoff, Early Childhood Student Services Program Manager

January 16, 2024: Dr. Michael Morgan, Director of Systemic Equity and Inclusion

December 6, 2023: Patti Lux, Director of Communications and Kelli Bialkowski, Human Resources Manager

November 8, 2023: Patti Lux, Director of Communications and Katie Janssen, AVID Coordinator

October 25, 2023: Brad Saron and Jamie Racine, Community Schools Director

September 27, 2023: Brad Saron and Craig Coulthart, President of Business Ed Partnership

September 13, 2023: Brad Saron and Barb Waara, Director of School Nutrition

June 7, 2023: Brad Saron and Jill Hansen, FACE Teacher at SPWest High School

May 10, 2023: Brad Saron and Kevin Splain, Sustainability Manager

February 7, 2023: Brad Saron and Karyn Richmond, District Wellness Coordinator

January 25, 2023: Homeroom discussion with the District's Nutrition Department.

December 13, 2022: Brad Saron and Jen Ploeger, Principal of SP West

November 16, 2022: Brad Saron and Deb Larson, District Literacy Coordinator

November 1, 2022: Brad Saron and Katie Janssen, AVID Coordinator

October 4, 2022: Brad Saron and Patrick Cottrell, Facility Rental Liason

September 26, 2022: Brad Saron and Janet Rosseter talk about the upcoming Referendum

September 25, 2022: Good Morning Sun Prairie with Bill Baker

May 24, 2022: Sadie Brown and Ellyn Presto, Adaptive Physical Education Teachers

May 10, 2022: Janet Thomas, Associate Director of Student Services

April 26, 2022: Kevin Sukow, Director of Facilities & Grounds

March 29, 2022: Karyn Richmond, Coordinator of the Employee Wellness Program

February 1, 2022: SP4K School Opportunities with Brad and Elizabeth Knudten.

November 30, 2021: ACCEL Global Program with Craig Smith and Brad Saron.

October 26, 2021:  Strategic Plan Refresh with Brad Saron.

October 12, 2021:  Brad, Janet Rosseter, and Bryn Horton talk about the Secondary Boundary Task Force because of the building of the second high school.

May 4, 2021:  Curt Mould talks about Secondary Migration Process.

April 7, 2021:  Janet Rosseter and Bryn Horton talk about the Secondary Boundaries and Bell Task Force.

December 22, 2020:  Theresa Bryan, A Kindergarten teacher at Creekside to talk about a day with her students during this pandemic.


November 17, 2020: Kevin Splain, our Sustainability Manager, joins us to talk about his role in the District and about the District's sustainability efforts.

November 6, 2020: Rick Mueller, Elementary Director of Teaching, Learning, & Equity joins us to talk about the District's decision on moving to a Hybrid model of learning for grades Early Childhood-2nd Grade starting on December 7th. 

October 15, 2020: Athletics and Activities Director, Eric Nee, talks about sports during the pandemic, the Bank of Sun Prairie Stadium at Ashley Field, and changes ahead when Sun Prairie West opens.


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