About Us

Our Mission

Inspire people to act to create equity and a sense of pride for all members of the community

Our Vision

To be the most family-driven community resource that focuses on developing the whole person through collaboration and strong partnerships

Our Focus

  • Using the Community Schools strategy to partner with youth, families, schools, community organizations, and the Sun Prairie community for everyone’s benefit
  • Creating fun opportunities for youth where they are trusted and their voices are heard, ultimately leading to them living happy, healthy, curious and optimistic lives
  • Removing barriers for families and individuals to participate and engage
  • Regularly identifying the priorities of the community and provide programs and services aligned to those priorities
  • Integrating equity based decisions into the fabric of the community and Sun Prairie Community Schools
  • Establishing or strengthening mutually beneficial relationships with the city, school, businesses, partner and service organizations
  • Ensuring Sun Prairie Community Schools is sustainable to be a part of the community for the long term

SPCS Annual Meeting

What Are Community Schools?

“A community school is a public school—the hub of its neighborhood, uniting educators, community partners, and families to provide all students with top-quality academics, enrichment, health and social services, and opportunities to learn and thrive”-Coalition for Community Schools
Across the nation, the Community Schools strategy has demonstrated that when a school fully implements the strategy of integrating student supports, expanding learning time and opportunities, actively engaging families and the community, and using collaborative leadership practices:
  • Students attend school more
  • Students succeed academically
  • Families, school staff, and youth create a strong climate of trust
Here in Sun Prairie, we use the Community Schools strategy to support
  • Improving academic achievement for all students, while targeting supports especially for our students of color and economically disadvantaged students
  • Reducing student chronic absenteeism
  • Increasing family connectedness to the school and community
We work towards these results using a collaborative and coordinated Community Schools strategy that includes the following pieces:
  • A dedicated Community Schools Site Coordinator who oversees the community assessment and Site Leadership Team, and works to coordinate programs and partnerships based on assessment results and Site Leadership Team guidance
  • A community assessment that gathers input from students, families, school staff, and community partners on what the dreams, challenges, and priorities for change are and drives program and partnership decisions
  • A Site Leadership Team that includes the Building Principal, school staff, families, youth, and community partners who review the community assessment, seek programs and partnerships, and oversee the strategy
  • Community partners dedicated to working with Sun Prairie youth and families for strong schools and communities.
For more information on the Community Schools strategy and how its being used across the United States visit: