About Us

Our Mission

Inspire people to act to create equity and a sense of pride for all members of the community

Our Vision

To be the most family-driven community resource that focuses on developing the whole person through collaboration and strong partnerships

Our Focus

  • Using the Community Schools strategy to partner with youth, families, schools, community organizations, and the Sun Prairie community for everyone’s benefit
  • Creating fun opportunities for youth where they are trusted and their voices are heard, ultimately leading to them living happy, healthy, curious and optimistic lives
  • Removing barriers for families and individuals to participate and engage
  • Regularly identifying the priorities of the community and provide programs and services aligned to those priorities
  • Integrating equity based decisions into the fabric of the community and Sun Prairie Community Schools
  • Establishing or strengthening mutually beneficial relationships with the city, school, businesses, partner and service organizations
  • Ensuring Sun Prairie Community Schools is sustainable to be a part of the community for the long term

2023–2024 Mid-Year Impact Report

Community School Overview