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Our Vision: To be the most family-driven community resource that focuses on developing the whole person through collaboration and strong partnerships.

Our Mission: Inspire people to act to create equity and a sense of pride for all members of the community.

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Hello, my name is Shenika Moss,

I am the new Community School Site Coordinator for CH Bird Elementary School. Here's a little bit about myself. I am a mother of 4. Shawn (25), R'Reona (19), and Treasure and Dream (twins). Treasure passed away from a liver transplant at 22 months. Dream is now 14. She was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) at the age of 7. To dominate the statistics, I told her, her ADHD means All Dreams Have a Destiny! I would not let that label define her life. I taught her to be fabulous at everything she does. At the age of 10 Dream was diagnosed with scoliosis. A year later she had a spinal fusion. So, I joined a few organizations to expand my knowledge about children's learning and physical disabilities. The Wisconsin Office of Children's Mental Health opened the doors for me to grow as a parent advocate by being a Lived Experience Partner and I became the Co-Chair for the S.A.F.E. (Service Access Family Engagement) Committee. I also became a coalition member at Mental Health of America, a Parent Leader at The Parent Network, an Advisory Board Member for the Next Step Clinic for children with autism, and also an attendee of CPTI (Community Pediatric Training Institute) under the direction of Dr. Earnstine Willis of the Medical College of Wisconsin. All of my accomplishments are to help families. 

There are no warning signs when life takes a shift and we all need support at some time. I am a nurturer by nature and a jack of all trades. I also have my own businesses called "Kandle Freak LLC" which I make gift baskets for any occasions and of course soy wax/massage candles, essential oils, and healthful bars (soap) and "We Made That LLC" which I make T-shirts and I'm learning more of my talents with my Cricut machines. I am very grateful for this life-changing opportunity with a community that is growing and thriving. Thank you all for welcoming me. 

Remember: All Dreams Have a Destiny! Including Yours!


Shenika Moss

Shenika Moss

Shenika Moss - CH Bird Community Schools Coordinator

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