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Stage of growth and development follow a reasonably predictable pattern. Children and adolescents do not proceed through each stage at the same pace. Children and adolescents progress through the various aspects of development at their own rate. Growth is uneven.

Source: Yardsticks, Child and Adolescent Development Ages 4-14, by Chip Wood

These pamphlets were created in collaboration with teachers, social workers, school counselors, and administration.

We currently have kindergarten through second grade completed. We will be developing grades three through fifth grade this year.

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Kindergarten in Spanish

First page of the PDF file: Curriculum_Kindergarten_SPANISH_1

First Grade in Spanish

First page of the PDF file: Curriculum_FirstGrade_SPANISH_1

Second Grade in Spanish

First page of the PDF file: Curriculum_SecondGrade_SPANISH_1


Kindergarten Curriculum Brochure

First Grade

First Grade Curriculum Brochure

Second Grade

2nd Grade Curriculum Brochure