Points of Pride

First page of the PDF file: CHBirdFactCard

Our Points of Pride

  • At C.H. Bird, staff, students, families, and our community work together to ensure all learn and grow through building meaningful relationships and providing rigorous, engaging, and culturally responsive experiences.

  • Everyone is expected to learn and grow at C.H. Bird Elementary School. Teachers and staff participate in professional development to increase student achievement and meet learning needs at all levels.

  • Our families and communities engage in school-wide events such as Math, Literacy, Science, Sledding, Taking it to the Park, and more!

  • Blue Jays get to participate in our clubs, such as GSA, BSU, Safety Patrol, and more!

  • We are a Community School that offers access to resources and programming that support the needs of our C.H. Bird families.

  • We have a 3K morning and afternoon program to help support future Blue Jays!

  • Learning doesn’t stop when school ends. We have a great after-school program, Fly Birds, that helps extend and enrich our student’s learning experience.