About Us

Welcome to C. H. Bird Elementary
Home of Bo the Blue Jay!

We are a Kindergarten through Fifth Grade (K-5) Community School in the Sun Prairie School District of approximately 350 students.  We seek to connect our community, staff, and students towards academic success, empathy, growth mindset, compassion, collaboration, curiosity, and an engaging school community.

As a community school we aim to create a space where Bird is a hub of the neighborhood, bringing together families, community organizations, and educators to enrich the lives of every student.  We were awarded a 21st Century Schools grant which will support a targeted approach in closing the achievement gap at our school and in the district.  

We are proud to be a Schools of Hope Site with community volunteers tutoring our students to provide the best opportunity for success.   As an Achievement Gap Reduction (AGR, formerly SAGE) school, have smaller class sizes in Kindergarten through Third grade.

CH Best, our family/teacher organization, is a great way to connect with the larger community.  They host amazing events, like science nights and movie nights, that bring everyone together. We hope you join us for our monthly meetings, on Tuesday nights at 6:30.

As a school we look forward to a year focusing on engagement and learning for all kids!

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Our Points of Pride

  • At C.H. Bird, staff, students, families, and our community work together to ensure all learn and grow through building meaningful relationships and providing rigorous, engaging, and culturally responsive experiences.

  • Everyone is expected to learn and grow at C.H. Bird Elementary School. Teachers and staff participate in professional development to increase student achievement and meet learning needs at all levels.

  • Our families and communities engage in school-wide events such as Math, Literacy, Science, Sledding, Taking it to the Park, and more!

  • Blue Jays get to participate in our clubs, such as GSA, BSU, Safety Patrol, and more!

  • We are a Community School that offers access to resources and programming that support the needs of our C.H. Bird families.

  • We have a 3K morning and afternoon program to help support future Blue Jays!

  • Learning doesn’t stop when school ends. We have a great after-school program, Fly Birds, that helps extend and enrich our student’s learning experience.