The purpose of the BSU is to train students of Central Heights Middle School to become leaders for themselves, their families, their communities, and school. The organization’s mission is to analyze and resolve the stereotypes and barriers between ourselves and others, and to build commUNITY within our own as well as with other cultures and individuals by applying honor and respect. Beyond, the BSU is a safe place for minority students to express, debate and celebrate Black culture, history and politics.

The program will consist of activities that will foster academic excellence, pride, emotional maturity, communal responsibility, and college and career exploration. The activities will consist of open forums, college events/visits, partnership(s) with Black Greek Intercollegiate Organizations (BGIOs), public speaking, community service, fundraising, and creative expressions through poetry, music, short stories, and step/dance. To establish an effective relationship, the activities also include sports, games, and watching appropriate movies.

Membership into BSU is open for any student that would like to improve themselves. Members are required to accept core values of: FRATERNITY/SORORITY, RESPONSIBILITY, CommUNITY, and CREATIVITY. Members are also expected to not have any disciplinary referrals beyond the time of enrollment into the organization.



Your Gift Makes a Difference!

In order for us to continue to provide guidance and service to African-American students at Central Heights Middle School, BSU relies solely on our fundraising efforts, and generosity of individuals and businesses for support. Thus, we ask that you make a commitment to support our annual efforts in empowering minority students by making a monetary donation. Your generous contribution will make a significant impact in the minority community by allowing us to begin a new legacy, which will innovate lasting relationship opportunities and expectations for minority students. Contact the BSU Advisor for any donation inquiries.

Futures depend on us...every child, every day...and every donation makes a difference. Thank you for your support!