Family Engagement Plan

2022-23 Family Engagement Plan

Family Engagement Belief Statement: Students, Staff, and Families Together, Rising to New Heights!

Identify the protocol for how families can reach the school:

  • Read newsletters/communications
  • Reach out to any staff member via phone/email
  • Make an appointment
  • Engage in family conferences

Identify the opportunities for how parents can be involved at Central Heights:

  • Engaging in more family nights throughout the year
  • Helping put up bulletin boards/bringing food and treats in for staff
  • Engaging in family conferences
  • Contributing extra money to field trip costs so all students can attend

Identify the important elements of the school’s 100 Day plan that will incorporate family engagement to strengthen the partnership between school and families. Identify how/when the families will help the school to achieve its goals:

  • Family Night
  • Predictable Sunday newsletters to families via email and SMS message
  • Monthly SCO meetings
  • Family conferences 

Identify how and when information is shared with families:

  • Huskies Have Heart newsletter, sent at least every other Sunday by BBC
  • Postcards with a video of Principal PrankeKlang, Associate Principal Brooks & SP30 teacher via a QR code sent on 8/30

Identify how to strengthen back-to-school events and orientations with information about how families can/should support student success and the school-based supports that are in place:

  • Open House held on 8/31/22 from 4:00-7:00
  • 9/21/22 Family Night & SCO meeting
  • Website
  • SP30 teacher and anyone in the front office are main points of contact

Identify the strategies for family engagement that show up on our SAIL plan:

  • Front office will onboard new-to-us students with key components of beginning of the year
  • Front office will daily do a personal check in with late arrivals - cover SP30 talking points and escort to class
  • Welcome video via QR code from Principal/Associate Principal/SP30 teacher to each student
  • Create SCO
  • 9/21 family fun night at Sheehan Park