Family Engagement & Inclusion Plan

2023-24 Family Engagement Plan

Family Engagement Belief Statement: Students, Staff, and Families Together, Rising to New Heights

Identify the opportunities for how parents/caregivers will be invited and involved at Central Heights:

  • Read newsletters/communications
  • Reach out to any staff members via phone/email
  • Text with our social worker
  • Make an appointment or walk in
  • Engage in family conferences

Identify the important elements of the school’s 100 Day plan that will incorporate family engagement to strengthen the partnership between school and families. Identify how/when the families will help the school to achieve its goals:

  • Engaging in more family nights throughout the year
  • Helping put up bulletin boards/bringing food and treats in for staff
  • Contributing extra money to field trip costs so all students can attend
  • Engaging in family conferences
  • Receiving positive news

Identify how and when information is shared with families, information how families can/should support student success:

  • Huskies Have Heart newsletter, sent at least every other Sunday by BBC (new segment of how to support student via supporting our school handbook highlighted in the 2023-24 school year)
  • Postcards with a video of Principal PrankeKlang, Associate Principal Brooks & SP30 teacher via a QR code sent on 8/28/23

Facilitate at least two Community Conversations with parents/caregivers:

  • Family Night, September 27, 2023, number of attendees: 200+
  • Family Night, January 31, 2024
  • Family Night May 15, 2024

Identify the strategies for family engagement that show up on our SAIL plan:

  • Family Fun Nights
  • Positive phone calls home

Identify the training/coaching educators, coaches and club advisors will receive to support family engagement with parents/caregivers:

  • Front office will onboard new-to-us students with key components of beginning of the year
  • Attend Family Night so students can introduce their families to more staff members
  • Positive phone calls home to each SP30 student
  • Equity Team training/self reflections/identity journey