Social Workers

School Social Workers

  • Are employed by the school district to enhance the academic mission by providing services which strengthen home/school/community partnerships
  • Actively address barriers within the child, home, school, and community that interfere with student achievement
  • Serve as catalysts to bring people together and to create an environment that is conducive to effective problem solving and learning
  • Practice includes: assessment, crisis intervention, home visits, conflict resolution, individual and group counseling, consultation, program development, and coordination of school and community services

Matt Jahnke

Mr. Hanifl


Helping students to:                                                      

  • cope in times of crisis 
  • access mental health services
  • become resilient, successful learners
  • gain personal and social competencies

Working with administrators to:

1. Implement effective prevention programs and policies which address: 

  • school attendance
  • alcohol and other drug abuse
  • teen pregnancy
  • violence
  • suicide and sudden death
  • child abuse and neglect
  • school safety

2. Ensure compliance with special education laws

Supporting parents to:

  • effectively participate in their child's education
  • understand their child's developmental and educational needs
  • access school and community resources
  • understand special education services
  • strengthen parenting skills

Linking schools and communities to:

  • coordinate the delivery of educational and mental health services
  • develop resources to adequately meet the needs of students and families

Assisting educators to:

  • work effectively with parents
  • discover new resources
  • participate in the special education process
  • understand family, cultural, and community factors affecting students
  • meet education outcomes for students of diverse backgrounds