We are Innovative

With 15 state of the art schools, mobile classrooms, and new collaborative learning spaces, our teachers have the ability to adapt their classrooms and delivery to fit each individual students needs to maximize learning and growth. Through Personalized Learning experiences, our students have creative control over how they learn, who they collaborate and work with, and the style of learning that is best suited for them. Students are able to go at their own pace and choose projects suited to their strengths, while working with other students with similar interests. Teachers are readily available to assist and answer any questions that may arise.


Our students Grades in 6–12 are all provided with a personal laptop, or Chromebook, to be used inside and outside of school. With each student having individual access to technology, they are able to take what they are working on wherever they need. Our schools also include Makerspaces, which allow students the hands-on opportunity to design, create, build, and bring their ideas to life. These collaborative spaces grant students the chance to explore their creativity in a hands-on approach for more tactile learners.




E House students working in group