Multilingual Learners (ML)


Our Mission

To promote and enrich academic language learning for multilingual learners so they can participate meaningfully in the core curriculum. Advocacy, support, and collaboration are vital to the success of this mission. We celebrate and build upon the rich cultural heritage, knowledge, and experiences that our learners and their families bring to the community.

Our Vision

We recognize and build upon the rich cultural heritage, knowledge and lived experiences that our students and families bring to the community.

Our Program

Sun Prairie Area School District offers an integrated mainstream, content-based language program, in which students receive specific language instruction that is structured around academic content. The principle goal is developing academic English skills and progress in core content.

Academic English refers to the student's ability to use their second language to learn and perform in their academic subjects and tends to:

  • Be more precise and specific in reference (personal, object concepts, time, place, rational, etc.) than everyday English.
  • Be more complex syntactically.  Be more dependent on "text" than on "context" for interpretation.
  • Be more cognitively demanding than everyday English.  Use distinctively grammatical constructions and devices, vocabulary, rhetorical conventions and disclosure markers, but not always.
  • Be learned in school - - but not without instructional attention.

Students' learn academic English through specific language instruction and in regular classrooms using appropriately modified materials.

More Information

EL Resource Guide


District Multilingual Learner Coordinator

Ann Williams


For District Needs in Spanish please contact: 

Dania Cannon-